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Yo Yo Yo Dudes!!! Thanks for checking my shop out! You can find my brand new album "Strange Times" here for download. All contributions are massively appreciated! Please share it with you friends, family and anyone else you know, but most of all enjoy!!!


Stay Safe


Big Love Peace

Genius John T-Shirt

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Product Details

The people have spoken and I have at last delivered!!! You can now at last get your very own Limited Edition Genius John in a box...

Crafted utilising the finest sheets of empty canvas with a concrete pillow. My face in all its glory has has now been emblazened upon a 100% cotton T-Shirt.

The T-Shirts have then been carefully packed using a variety of magic and ninja based skills to ensure that no Genius John's can escape and they are complient with all health and safety standards.

Before each lovingly, cared for package is sent. I ensure that a schlami rubs it

They are a near exact replica of myself and my abilities and it is a great way to support me as you can download my tunes for free here

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