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Acoustic Consultancy

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Sound Testing

Pre completion sound testing is requirement on all new build and converted housing, as stated in Part E of the building regulations.

There are 2 types of testing that may be required

1. Airbourne sound testing - To measure sound passing between walls and flooring

2. Impact sound testing - To measure the sound passing between floors

What We Do

Once most of the building works are completed, impact and airborne tests are carried out to determine the weighted standardised noise levels and the standardised impact level between living spaces. In some cases, only airborne testing maybe required.

Testing takes approixmately 45 minutes per set of tests

The property should be near completion but should have:

  • No cosmetic flooring, boards should be exposed.

  • Electrical, water, and gas fixtures and fittings installed and sealed.

  • Windows and Doors fully fitted.

  • No works being carried out for the duration of the test.

  • Mains Power available.

What We Do

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