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Sound Engineering

With over 10 years professional experience John is someone who lives and breathes music. He can always be relied on to give absolutely everything to give you the best sound possible. His passion for all forms of audio make him an ideal candidate for any event big or small and he will work tirelessly to ensure sound is one thing you don't need to worry about.

He has built up a reputation locally for his technical abilities and is known for getting a great sound out of a tough venue. He is able to work with a broad range of equipment specifcations from small conferences and parties, to large scale festivals and events.

Get in contact for all your sound engineering needs here.

Event Sound and Recording

John also specialises in capturing high quality audio. He understands the importance of atmosphere in all his live work and tries to encapsulate the experience of the event to ensure the recording relays a memory you can treasure forever.

Perfect for promotional material or to increase your web presence or even as a reward for fans or clients attending your event. All recordings can be delivered in a variety of media depending on your needs.

For all enquiries get in contact here

Home Studio

After years of work, the studio is now open and taking bookings for small groups and solo artists. Once used by the lengendary Stephen Hardy, it has been modernised and restored to its former glory. Complete with electric piano, 80's synth, beautifully handcrafted speakers and original Trident recording studio carpet which has been walked on by the likes of Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, John's family and 2 cats. Based near the heart of Walthamstow in a quiet neighborhood, its homely setting makes it perfect to chill out and make some music.

We offer recording, production and basic mastering services. Digital multitrack and specialised analog recording are avaialble as well as a variety of software and outboard effects hardware.


Files are sent digitally or physically for an extra fee.

Services Offered

  • Multitrack Recording and Editing

  • Production and Composition

  • Sound Engineering and Mixing

  • Analog to Digital transfers

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